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Announcing Unigen Pet Health

August 1, 2023
Shannon Maver

A “Tail” of All-Natural, Science-Backed Ingredients for Animal Wellness

Have you noticed the shift in how we approach our pets’ well-being these days? Gone are the days of simply settling for any off-the-shelf pet food. Modern pet parents are investing time in understanding what goes into their pets’ meals, just as they do with their own. It is now common to see pet food featuring organicgluten-free, or sustainably-sourced ingredients, and this focus on holistic wellness extends far beyond food – the global surge in pet supplements over the past few years has been hard to miss!

From joint-supporting compounds to skin and coat enhancers, there’s a growing market dedicated to ensuring our pets are as healthy on the inside as they look on the outside. According to the American Pet Products Association’s 2023 Survey, 66% of U.S. households own a pet. The majority of dog owners (85%) and cat owners (76%) consider their pets to be members of the family, and a Forbes Advisor survey of 10,000 dog owners found that dog owners make professional, financial and lifestyle sacrifices for their canine companions. With over 137 million dogs, cats, and horses cared for as pets in the United States alone, pet owners are spending more than $1.9 billion dollars a year on supplements to maintain and improve their health.

Recent research, such as studies by companies like Kerry, highlight that we’re not just looking for our pets to live longer, but also to thrive as they age. This holistic approach to pet wellness, often termed the “humanization” of pet care, reflects our deeper understanding of health and our desire to give our pets the same quality of life we seek for ourselves. Increasingly, there is growing demand among companion animal owners and veterinarians for natural, safe, and effective alternatives for addressing joint pain, inflammation, stress, skin and oral care – without the side effects associated with traditional drug therapy.

Unigen stands distinctively equipped to provide scientifically validated, all-natural ingredients for inclusion in these supplements. Leveraging our in-house PhytoLogix® Technology Platform and tailored for our cherished animal companions, we’ve pioneered the discovery and development of several potent natural ingredients that support animal health.

“Niche-specific products, including age-specific treats, immunity-boosting formulations, and treats that support digestive health are in high demand”

Lindsay Morgan, Head of Product Marketing, Ardent Mills, Denver, Colo.

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Unigen’s New Pet Health Line: Clinically-Proven Support for Animal Companions

Introducing Unigen’s newest lineup for animal wellness! Each of these ingredients provides all-natural, branded, and scientifically-supported wellness for our beloved companion animals.

AmLexin® for Pets: Promoting Cartilage Health, Prolonging Vitality

As our pets age, and in situations where certain breed-specific animals have genetic joint health challenges, they may deal with issues similar to ours. There are many ingredient options available in the companion animal joint health market space, but very few that take a proactive, protective approach for joint cartilage break-down.

AmLexin® for Pets is a specialized blend combining Morus alba root bark and Acacia catechu heartwood. Studies have shown it can support cartilage health and diminish post-exercise discomfort, making the benefits of AmLexin® quite intriguing for veterinarians and pet owners alike. Its natural foundation positions it to be a gentler, yet very effective way to support our pets’ vitality and comfort.

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Anivestin®: Mobility Unleashed!

While there are several prescription and over-the-counter drugs designed to promote joint health, these drugs can also significantly raise the risk of infections and can cause other adverse reactions due to GI, kidney, liver and cardiovascular toxicities. Increasingly, there is growing demand among companion animal owners and veterinarians for natural, safe, and effective alternatives for addressing joint pain and inflammation without the side effects associated with traditional drug therapy.

With its roots in the powerful botanical combination of Scutellaria baicalensis and Acacia catechu, Anivestin® is enriched and standardized for specific bioflavonoids. The natural properties of these ingredients work together to effectively address joint discomfort in pets to offer potential relief and support, especially in older pets facing the common challenges of joint issues, such as pain or lack of mobility.

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Oravestin™: Leading the Pack in Pet Oral Wellness

Dental health is paramount for all animals. From cats and dogs to cows and horses, if an animal is having painful or uncomfortable mouth issues, they will often reduce or entirely stop what they are eating, which can have severe health implications. Gum disease is especially prevalent in carnivorous pets. A concerning 44% to 64% grapple with this ailment, and for those aged 2 years and older, the numbers are even higher, with over 80% affected!

While there are several prescription and over-the-counter medications to target periodontitis, many unfortunately center their efforts primarily on treating any bacterial infection. While this is often necessary, it often leaves the critical issue of inflammation unattended, leaving the animal with continued discomfort. Oravestin™, derived from Scutellaria baicalensis roots and Acacia catechu heartwoods, offers a comprehensive natural solution to this problem by addressing both bacterial growth and the often-overlooked inflammation, providing a foundation for lasting oral health in our pets.

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SerenZea™ for Pets: A Natural Solution for Anxious Pets

Behavior is the primary determinant factor that defines the bond strength between companion animals and humans. In fact, Canine aggression directed towards people is the most frequent reason for referral to behavioral practices. Behavioral problems, such as aggressiveness, have been associated with low serum serotonin levels compared to non-aggressive controls. Stress in animals can also manifest in various ways, from behavioral issues to health challenges.

SerenZea™ for Pets is a hormone-free, non-GMO, plant-derived ingredient offering a natural alternative to the medications commonly prescribed by veterinarians to ease stress or anxiety in our animal companions. SerenZea™, an extract derived from corn leaves (Zea mays), has been shown to reduce stress markers and promote a positive mood balance. This makes it an excellent all-natural option for veterinarians and pet owners dealing with animals facing stress, anxiety, or mood-related challenges.

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Uniflavon® for Pets: Pet-Approved Dry Skin Relief

Skin issues in pets, ranging from dryness and itchiness to more severe conditions like atopic dermatitis, can be a significant concern. Enter Uniflavon® for Pets: crafted from Scutellaria baicalensis and Phyllostachys pubescens extracts, this formula targets some of the underlying triggers of skin discomfort, such as histamine and leukotriene release.

While many treatments target skin redness or dryness, Uniflavon® offers an all-in-one remedy, repairing damaged barriers while soothing itchiness. With these properties, Uniflavon® can provide a holistic approach to the skin care of animals, going beyond surface-level treatments to address root causes without the need for uncomfortable cones or costly allergy shots.

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Unlocking Premium Pet Wellness: The Power of Patented Ingredients

As we reflect on the evolving landscape of pet care, it’s evident that the new trend of “humanizing” our animal companions has fueled a demand for top-tier, natural pet wellness products. Today’s pet owners, being more informed and observant, have become discerning in their choices, gravitating towards high-quality supplements tailored for specific health benefits like joint support or digestive wellness. This shift is also influenced by the rise in pets experiencing anxiety, an aging pet population, and an emphasis on products that are both science-based and vet-approved.

The inclusion of patented, scientifically-proven ingredients not only assure efficacy, but can also manifest tangible health improvements. For pet owners, seeing is believing. When they observe positive changes in their pets, it establishes trust, laying a strong foundation for sustained business growth and enduring brand loyalty.

In essence, as we continue to prioritize health and wellness in our lives, it’s heartening to see our pets reaping the benefits, too. As pet caregivers, we’re making informed choices, ensuring our animals not only live longer, but truly thrive. Here’s to celebrating this wonderful shift in pet care, where natural wellness is at the forefront!

Interested in diving deeper or thinking of integrating these insights into your strategy? Reach out and let’s explore the world of pet wellness “fur-ther.”