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AmLexin® is a patented, natural joint-care ingredient clinically proven to help protect joints from natural wear and tear.

What Makes AmLexin® Unique?

  • AmLexin® has been shown to be effective in an ex vivo GAG assay, at reducing Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) released by articular cartilage.
  • Clinical trial results demonstrated statistically significant reduction of uCTX-II, a type II collagen biomarker of joint cartilage break down. This indicates a protective quality that may help reduce the degradation of joint cartilage.*

Key Benefits*

  • AmLexin® is a potent anti-oxidant that specifically neutralizes super oxide anion – a free radical generated by normal wear and tear.
  • AmLexin® effectively inhibits cartilage catabolic pathways by modulating cox-1, cox-2, and 5-lox enzyme activity.
  • AmLexin® has been shown to have cartilage protective properties in ex vivo studies.

Plant Origin

Derived from the root bark of Morus alba and heartwood of Acacia catechu.


  • Alleviate joint discomfort and stiffness
  • Provide protection for joint cartilage
  • Enhance flexibility and physical function


Can be used in tablets, capsules, powders, bars and other delivery systems.

Physical Properties

Brown color powder, insoluble in water.

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