📣 Second Pre-Clinical Study on Symetrian™ Published

Immune Support for Companion Animals

Symetrian™ for Pets is a standardized, patent pending, Aloe-based composition for a healthy immune homeostasis. It is clinically proven to promote rapid immune cell activation and expansion of TCRγδ+ Gamma delta T cells suggestive of its heightened immune surveillance at portal of entries providing immediate immune response. Symetrian™ for Pets has also been clinically proven to increase the levels of glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) highlighting its strong antioxidant activity. Symetrian™ for Pets is composed of plant extracts standardized for specific polysaccharides and polyphenols from three botanicals with a long history of safe human consumption for immune support, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera), Poria cocos and Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis).

While there are some species differences, mammalian (such as rodents, humans and dogs) immune function is relatively consistent. The information we have learned from subjects in preclinical studies and human immunity in clinical trials can be applied to veterinary practice. These cross-species collaborations will have a beneficial effect for both mammals. Considering the consistency of mammalian immune system, these documented human data could be applied to companion animals to achieve a well-rounded immune response after oral consumption extrapolated daily dosages according to their body weights.

Symetrian™ for Pets is a one of a kind mushroom based natural dietary supplement that fulfills these characteristics. In two human clinical trials, Symetrian™ has been proven to promote rapid immune cell activation, expansion of TCRγδ+ Gamma delta T cells, increase the levels of glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) and elevate anti-inflammatory cytokine (IL1-RA). These data are critical in that Symetrian™ for Pets will assist companion animals to attain a level of homeostasis while providing a guard at the portal of entry for a heightened mucosal protection and a better immune surveillance.

What Makes Symetrian™ for Pets Unique?*

  • Suitable as a long-term daily supplement for all populations.
  • Extensive scientific evidence including two Double-blind placebo-controlled, IRB approved clinical studies
  • Clinically proven to support rapid immune activation and response
  • Clinically proven to activate Natural killer cells and Gamma delta T cells within hours
  • Clinically proven to support maintenance of healthy immunity homeostasis
  • Clinically proven to support cellular and humoral immunity by increasing TCRγδ+ Gamma delta T cells and IgG antibodies
  • Clinically proven to support healthy inflammatory response by maintaining healthy cytokine levels and cytokine responses
  • Clinically proven to support strong antioxidant activity
  • Long history of safe human usage for immune support

Key Benefits*

  • Activation of the innate and adaptive immune responses while mitigating the systemic inflammatory response

Origin (Botanical)

Derived from Aloe vera leaf gel powder, Poria cocos sclerotium powder, and Rosemary leaf extracts.


  • Maintenance of immunity homeostasis
  • Provide heightened mucosal immunity at the portal of entry for increased immune surveillance and/or a robust response
  • Promote innate and adaptive immunity
  • Provide strong antioxidant activity


Can be used as an active agent alone or formulated with other cold/flu agents in tablets, capsules, gummies, gels, liquids, powders, bars and other delivery systems.

Physical Properties

Brown colored powder easily suspended in water.

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