Ingredients Overview


Joint Health
Clinically proven to help protect joints from natural wear and tear.*
Clinically proven joint protection and exercise recovery capabilities.*


Pet Health
Clinically proven to support joint comfort in pets*

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Clinically proven to support respiratory and lung function;
supports innate and adaptive immunity*

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Skin Care
Clinically proven to safely and effectively even skin tone, promote clear skin, reduce the appearance of scarring left behind by blemishes, and support the skin’s natural healing abilities.*

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Clinically proven to offer short-term nutritional support for attention and focus and long-term support for cognition and memory.*

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Clinically proven to maintain healthy glucose levels and normal insulin sensitivity already in normal ranges.*

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Sleep Support
Clinically-proven natural sleep aid ingredient produce melatonin-like effects for better sleep quality.*


Detox Support
A patent-pending, synergistic blend of botanical ingredients for use in detox support supplements. Preclinical testing indicates superior liver protection when taken both before and after induced liver damage.*


Mood & Stress Support
Clinically proven to reduce levels of a stress hormone – cortisol, and to improve mood health.*

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Clinically proven to support maintenance of healthy immunity homeostasis*


Joint Health
Clinically proven to support joint comfort, enhance flexibility and support mobility.* Clinically proven to provide joint support as fast as 3 DAYS.*

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