Successful Clinical Results Announced on Unigen’s Novel Immune Support Ingredient with Mushroom Formulation

Inspired by Nature, Proven by Science

Unigen’s Cosmeceutical line is comprised of clinically proven and patented naturally derived active ingredients. We have a unique portfolio that is capable of restoring skin health and beauty without compromising safety.

Unigen’s Phytologix® Platform (a unique combination of nature, science, traditional medicinal botanicals, and technology) has delivered highly scientific and clinically proven cosmetic active ingredients.

Restoration of Uneven Skin Tone Induced by Hyperpigmentation

Blemish Solution to Improve the Appearance of Acne-Prone Skin

Full Spectrum Antimicrobial Inspired by Nature to Protect Formulations
Solution for Environmental (External Exposome) Skin-Aging
Treatment for Dry, Itchy, & Patchy Skin from a Compromised Barrier
Firming and Restoration of Skin’s Elasticity

Stress and Sleep can also contribute to overall skin health.
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Restore Skin’s Glow with a Better Night’s Sleep (Increasing Deep Sleep)
Boost Skin’s Radiance by Reducing Cortisol (Stress Hormone)

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Unigen Beauty Team

Qi Jia
President & CEO
Rodney Storms
VP of Sales & Marketing
Anne Young
Director of Cosmeceutical Bioactives
Kathy Markham
Marketing Manager
Lidia Brownell
VP of Clinical Research & Regulatory Compliance
Wenwen Ma
VP of Operations
Chris Bingham
QC Manager
Ping Jiao
Principal Scientist
Teresa Horm
Scientist II
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