Inspired by Nature, Proven by Science

Unigen’s Cosmeceutical line is comprised of clinically proven and patented naturally derived active ingredients. We have a unique portfolio that is capable of restoring skin health and beauty without compromising safety.

Unigen’s Phytologix® Platform (a unique combination of nature, science, traditional medicinal botanicals, and technology) has delivered highly scientific and clinically proven cosmetic active ingredients.

Blemish Solution to Improve the Appearance of Acne-Prone Skin
Full Spectrum Antimicrobial Inspired by Nature to Protect Formulations
Solution for Environmental (External Exposome) Skin-Aging
Treatment for Dry, Itchy, and Patchy Skin from a Compromised Barrier

Stress and Sleep can also contribute to overall skin health.
Click to learn how these nutraceuticals complement our Unigen Beauty line:

Restore Skin’s Glow with a Better Night’s Sleep (Increasing Deep Sleep)
Boost Skin’s Radiance by Reducing Cortisol (Stress Hormone)

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Unigen Beauty Team

Qi Jia
President & CEO
Rodney Storms
VP of Sales & Marketing
Anne Young
Director of Cosmeceutical Bioactives
Kathy Markham
Marketing Manager
Lidia Brownell
VP of Clinical Research & Regulatory Compliance
Wenwen Ma
VP of Operations
Chris Bingham
QC Manager
Ping Jiao
Principal Scientist
Teresa Horm
Scientist II
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