📣 Second Pre-Clinical Study on Symetrian™ Published

Research & Development

The Process

Unigen discovers, develops and manufactures proprietary natural-product active ingredients for dietary supplements, cosmetic and personal care products, prescription medical food and botanical drug products.


The Company discovers its ingredients through its high throughput screening PhytoLogix® approach applied to a proprietary well annotated collection of botanicals and a legacy mining approach applied to botanicals having known medicinal benefits. Mechanism of action, safety and efficacy are documented with extensive preclinical in vitro and in vivo testing and by human clinical studies.


Unigen protects its discoveries with issued patents and patent filings in all major territories and manufactures its products to GMP standards. Unigen commercializes its proprietary ingredients through licensing and ingredient supply alliances with commercial partners engaged in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of end-products in each of Unigen’s target markets.