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Full Spectrum Antimicrobial Inspired by Nature

Preservatives are essential to maintaining product integrity by protecting formulas from microbial contamination. However, the constantly changing global regulations regarding preservatives have made it more challenging to meet the strict requirements to be clean, effective, and natural.

Preservatin™ is a proprietary natural antimicrobial that can provide broad spectrum protection.

Global Need for Natural Formation Protection

of UK consumers are prepared to boycott companies who behave unethically

of UK facial skincare users have researched a product to find out how natural it is

Source: Mintel

Origin (Botanical):

  • Seeds of Albizia amara
  • Bark of Magnolia officinalis
  • Adaptogen and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Key Benefits*

  • Exerts a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity at low inclusion levels
  • Effective against gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, fungi and yeast
  • Maintains functionality throughout product manufacture, shelf life and usage
  • No adverse effects to the function, safety or tolerance of the finished cosmetic products
  • Compatible with preservative agents

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