📣 Second Pre-Clinical Study on Symetrian™ Published

The Phytologix® Advantage

A fully indexed research resource, PhytoLogix® allows us to quickly search through tens of thousands of ethnomedicinal plants categorized by traditional and historic uses.

From the obvious to the unusual, PhytoLogix® is one of the world’s largest information sources for predictive discovery of ethnomedicinal plants. This shaves considerable time from the front end of the research process.

Natural Product Library

PhytoLogix® is a proprietary technology platform that includes Bioprospecting, Bioinformatics, High Throughput Purification and Structure Dereplication processes.

  • An extensive collection of more than 11,000 medicinal plants.
  • Proprietary informatic database with traditional, historic usage and modern research of the collected plants, access to a structure database with over 170,000 natural products.
  • A natural product library with over 15,000 plant extracts and more than 300,000 HTP fractions ready for high throughput screening.