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Loesyn™ is a proprietary composition containing a unique combination of Aloe chromone in Aloe vera leaf gel powder clinically proven to maintain healthy glucose levels and normal insulin sensitivity already in normal ranges.

What Makes Loesyn™ Unique?

  • LOESYN is a patented Aloe composition with pre-clinical and clinical evidence for maintain novel insulin sensitivity within already normal ranges.
  • LOESYN was shown to be maintaining already healthy fasting plasma glucose and normal fasting insulin with improvement in HOMA (insulin sensitivity index) in human clinical study.
  • LOESYN was found to be effective in maintaining healthy and novel long term and short-term glycemic control (HbA1C and fructosamine) in human clinical study.
  • LOESYN was shown to result in statistically significant reduction in oxidative stress (F2-isoprostanes) in human clinical study.

Key Benefits*

  • Supports already normal insulin sensitivity
  • Maintains normal healthy blood glucose levels
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Maintains already healthy blood triglycerides (based on pre-clinical studies)
  • Safe, well-tolerated and natural with high compliance to oral supplement
  • Easily formulated with other ingredients

Plant Origin

Derived from leaf of Aloe barbadensis and Aloe ferox.


An alternative natural aid for maintaining already healthy glycemic control and insulin sensitivity in normal healthy individuals.


Can be used as an active agent in tablets, capsules and liquids.

Physical Properties

Off-white to tan colored powder that is water soluble.

Regulatory Status

Self-Affirmed Medical Food GRAS Ingredient.

*Indications and claims related to the health benefits or property of an ingredient or product are intended for industry only and are governed in accordance with country-specific laws and regulations and may not be appropriate for final consumer products. In the United States, it is your responsibility to ensure that product claims and indications are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including the Federal FD&C Act and the FTC Act. In all other countries, please consult with a local regulatory or legal professional who may provide you with competent advice and guidance.

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