📣 Second Pre-Clinical Study on Symetrian™ Published

Our Discovery Process

We first build comprehensive profiles for every botanical that comes through our doors for research. The profile consists of our own proprietary cataloging data as well as known scientific definitions plus historic and anecdotal information.

Next, the extractions are made from each medicinal plant or marine material. These water and oil-based extractions are fractionated and then analyzed using chromatography to identify the full spectrum of the substance.

Much can be detected from this preliminary research. The data gathered is then turned over to a discovery group dedicated to proving the viability of the botanical compounds. The discovery group designs assays to test all the fractions of a plant for bioactivity. Once an active compound is detected and isolated additional assays are created for further testing.

Integrated Discovery Solution

We call our proprietary process an Integrated Discovery Solution, and it’s your guarantee of extensive safety and testing that goes into every Unigen product.

Our Integrated Discovery Solution is an accelerated active identification process that includes mechanism of the action-derived high throughput screenings; multiple-assay based efficacy confirmation; and extensive safety evaluation.

Indication directed and novel mechanism of action derived screen target selection.

  • High throughput primary screening.
  • Rapid structure dereplication, assay directed active identification and chemical composition profiling.
  • Evaluation and confirmation of safety with activity towards a clinical endpoint, is achieved through a variety of secondary screens, at the cellular, proteomic and genetic levels.
  • The validation process is designed to establish efficacy, safety and toxicity profiles, bio-availability assessments, and dose determination.
  • This sophisticated process yields patentable compounds and proprietary ingredients with market identification and differentiation.