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Unigen Beauty Ingredients Receive Certified COSMOS Approved Status

TACOMA, WASHINGTON – April 12, 2024: Unigen, Inc. has received COSMOS Approved status for its proprietary cosmeceutial ingredients: Bakutrol®, Bakutrol® A, Lumicyn™ and Lumicyn™ Pure. Its novel ingredient Uniflavon® has also received the COSMOS Approved status through Unigen’s affiliate sister company, Naturetech.

Bakutrol® and Bakutrol® A contain Ultra Pure Bakuchiol for potent blemish control. Lumicyn™ and Lumicyn™ Pure are Unigen’s novel ingredients to brighten, calm and improve uneven skin tone induced by hyperpigmentation. Uniflavon® is a unique botanical blend clinically proven to calm the skin by safely easing skin inflammation, quickly repairing the skin’s barrier, and effectively reducing skin irritation.

The COSMOS Approved status is awarded by Ecocert, an organic certification organization. Based in Europe, Ecocert conducts inspections in over 80 countries, making it one of the largest operations of its kind in the world. Ecocert provides certification for 150+ standards in the food, farming, forestry, textiles, cosmetics and eco-products sectors worldwide.

“Unigen Beauty is committed to supporting all of our ingredients for global customer use,” said John R. DeNoia, Jr., Global Sales Director, Cosmetics. “We are pleased to say that COSMOS Approval is part of this commitment.”

Ecocert manages an international database of raw materials approved by the company, according to the Ecocert and COSMOS Cosmetics, Detergency, GOTS Textiles and Perfumed Compositions standards/activities. Receiving certification is highly sought after and meaningful for better practices and marketplace recognition.

To learn more about Unigen’s clinically proven, novel cosmeceutical ingredients, visit unigenbeauty.net.

About Unigen, Inc.

Unigen discovers, develops, and manufactures proprietary natural-product active ingredients for dietary supplements, cosmetic and personal care products, prescription medical food and botanical drug products. The Company discovers its ingredients through its PhytoLogix® high-throughput screening approach applied to a proprietary well-annotated collection of botanicals and a legacy mining approach applied to botanicals having known medicinal benefits.

Mechanism of action, safety, and efficacy are documented with extensive preclinical in vitro and by human clinical studies. Unigen protects its discoveries with issued patents and patent filings in all major territories and manufactures its products to GMP standards. Unigen commercializes its proprietary ingredients through licensing and ingredient supply alliances with commercial partners engaged in the manufacture, distribution, and marketing of end-products in each of Unigen’s target markets.


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