📣 Second Pre-Clinical Study on Symetrian™ Published

Unigen at SupplySide East 2024

At SupplySide East this year, we’ll be focusing on two powerhouse ingredients for getting deep restful sleep and building a strong immune defense.

Top selling Maizinol® is popular for its clinically proven effects on sleep quality (+49%) and duration (+47%), and is used as standalone or partnered with industry ingredients, such as melatonin, for novel consumer product formulations.

Symetrian™ – our mushroom-based immune support ingredient – recently published impressive data from 2 clinical trials and 2 pre-clinicals effectively showcasing its ability to help support a rapid immune response.

Stop by Booth 443, grab a sample of Maizinol gummies, meet our team and see how Unigen can bring the inspiration of science to your business!

Spotlight: Maizinol®

Maizinol® is a unique formulation derived from the leaf of immature Zea mays plants that contains proprietary standardized natural compounds known to bind to melatonin receptors and produce melatonin-like effects for better sleep quality.

The global sleep crisis is a growing concern, leading to a booming market for sleep support supplements. Lack of sleep has been linked to insomnia, chronic diseases, depression, weight gain, and even job performance. As a result, consumers are seeking out natural options to manage stress and improve their sleep. Maizinol® is a natural sleep aid that works through the melatonin pathway and increases the biosynthesis of melatonin. It doesn’t cause headaches, next-day grogginess, or interfere with the body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Maizinol® is a clinically-proven ingredient that:

  • can increase deep sleep by up to 47%.
  • can improve sleep quality by up to 49%.
  • is hormone-free and highly compatible in formulation.

Ingredient Showcase

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For Sleep Support

  • Clinically shown to improve quality of deep sleep by up to 49%*
  • Clinically shown to increase length of sleep time by up to 30 minutes*
  • Natural alternative to synthetic Melatonin*

For Immune Support

  • Clinically proven to support rapid immune activation & response*
  • Clinically proven to support strong antioxidant activity*
  • Clinically proven to support healthy inflammatory response*

Meet the Team

Shannon Maver

National Sales Director, Nutritionals

Mesfin Yimam

Director of Pre-Clinical Research

About Unigen

Unigen discovers, develops, and manufactures proprietary natural-product active ingredients for dietary supplements, cosmetic and personal care products, prescription medical food and botanical drug products. The Company discovers its ingredients through its high throughput screening PhytoLogix® approach applied to a proprietary well-annotated collection of botanicals and a legacy mining approach applied to botanicals having known medicinal benefits.

Mechanism of action, safety and efficacy are documented with extensive preclinical in vitro and in vivo testing and by human clinical studies. Unigen protects its discoveries with issued patents and patent filings in all major territories and manufactures its products to GMP standards. Unigen commercializes its proprietary ingredients through licensing and ingredient supply alliances with commercial partners engaged in the manufacture, distribution, and marketing of end-products in each of Unigen’s target markets.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Reference: Health Canada Univestin MFN 16564-MF001 Results may vary