Bakutrol® is a natural skin conditioning ingredient to be used in topical cosmetic formulations. Bakutrol® has been shown to help improve even skin tone.

What Makes Bakutrol® Unique?

  • Bakutrol® is a patented antioxidant skin conditioning ingredient proven to safely and effectively even skin tone and support the skin’s natural healing abilities.
  • In clinical trials, Bakutrol® was shown to promote clear skin and reduce the appearance of scarring left behind by blemishes.

Key Benefits*

  • Cosmetic safety testing with no adverse effects.
  • Safe, well-tolerated mixture without coumarin contamination.**
  • Easily formulated with other ingredients..


Skin conditioning ingredient.


Can be used as an active ingredient in topical skincare products.

Physical Properties

Brownish-red viscous liquid and dissolves in ethanol and other common organic solvents.

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**NMT 100 PPM

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