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Unigen launches Phyto-AI™

Tacoma, Washington-June 28, 2023: Unigen has announced the completion of phase I groundbreaking Phyto-AI™ project in collaboration with Vestrics Solutions Pvt Ltd. The Phyto-AI™ database is an essential part of the PhytoLogix® technology platform at Unigen, according to its Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Qi Jia. The database includes 12,315 terrestrial collections, 607 marine collections, >15,000 extracts and >300,000 fractions. Unigen scientists use those collected specimens as a starting point to screen against specific indication targets to discover novel natural actives for nutritional, cosmeceutical, and potential pharmaceutical usage.

Phyto-AI™ has been developed as a proprietary, secured, upgradable, expandable, and extendable informatic system. Phase I of the project migrated existing data from current ORACLE based NAPIS database, implemented and upgraded the data collection, sort and analysis function and features for the latest version of client environment.

“We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the incredible team at Vestrics Solutions Pvt Ltd who worked in collaboration with our IT and scientists at Unigen and ECONET,” said Dr. Jia. “The successful migration of the existing data, build up data analysis and sorting functions demonstrated their exceptional acumen, comprehensive capabilities and unwavering support from Vestrics throughout the development and launch of the phase I Phyto-AI™ project.”

Unigen sees the introduction of artificial intelligence as a natural progression in advancement of the PhytoLogix® platform. Unigen initiates research projects and publishes the scientific research in a way that AI cannot, explained Dr. Jia. “However, we truly believe artificial intelligence can accelerate the decision making process and improve R&D efficiency by mining the historic usage, modern research, safety & regulatory data for the terrestrial and marine collections in the Phyto-AI™ database against external data sources. After completion of phase II and III of the Phyto-AI™ project, Unigen scientists can use machine learning and artificial intelligence to collect, analyze and sort the information from all of those public domains, linked with our own research, to help us to make a wise decision and a quicker commercialization. Unigen sees tremendous potential and value in the use of artificial intelligence”, Dr. Jia concluded.

Learn more about the science behind Unigen’s PhytoLogix® technology platform.


About Unigen, Inc.

Unigen discovers, develops, and manufactures proprietary natural-product active ingredients for dietary supplements, cosmetic and personal care products, prescription medical food and botanical drug products. The Company discovers its ingredients through its PhytoLogix® high-throughput screening approach applied to a proprietary well-annotated collection of botanicals and a legacy mining approach applied to botanicals having known medicinal benefits. Mechanism of action, safety, and efficacy are documented with extensive preclinical in vitro and by human clinical studies. Unigen protects its discoveries with issued patents and patent filings in all major territories and manufactures its products to GMP standards. Unigen commercializes its proprietary ingredients through licensing and ingredient supply alliances with commercial partners engaged in the manufacture, distribution, and marketing of end-products in each of Unigen’s target markets.


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