Maizinol™ is a patented and natural mood health product that contains a proprietary compound known to enhance serotonin levels. Unigen’s proprietary extract in Maizinol™ trade is processed from the leaves of specifically grown, non-genetically modified Zea mays (corn or maize) using commercial strains of corn approved for human consumption.

What makes Maizinol™ Unique?

  • Maizinol™ is standardized to provide a consistent concentration of 6-MBOA at a level more efficacious than daily dosage claimed by pharmaceutical derivatives of 6-MBOA.
  • Because of its concentrated nature, the recommended serving size of Maizinol™ is less than SAM-e, the leading mood health dietary supplement.
  • Once-a-day Maizinol™ tablet increases consumer compliance and lowers cost per serving.
  • Unlike SAM-e, Maizinol™ is a naturally stable molecule which improves shelf life and reduces overage required in formulation.

Key Benefits

  • Clinically proven to address occasional mental stress and mood imbalances.
  • Concentrated active lowers cost per serving/dose.
  • Single serving size per day increases compliance, satisfaction and repurchase rate.
  • High compatibility in formulating with other ingredients.
  • Natural compound with long history of safe human use.
  • Extensive in vivo safety testing with no adverse effects.
  • Patent protected

Plant Origin

Derived from Zea mays (corn or maize).


  • Addresses occasional mental stress and mood concerns
  • Relieves mild to moderate everyday depression
  • Provides positive mood support and enhances emotional well-being


Can be used as an active agent in tablets, capsules, liquids, powders, bars and other delivery systems.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Brown powder
Solubility: Slightly soluble in water

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