📣 Second Pre-Clinical Study on Symetrian™ Published

Unigen at SupplySide West 2022

We have a lot going on at SupplySide West this year!

We will be showcasing our branded ingredient offerings and speaking at SupplySide West’s Presentation Theater on Maizinol™ for sleep, SerenZea™ for mood & stress, and Symetrian™ for immune health.

Stop by Booth 3472, meet our team and see how Unigen can bring the inspiration of science to your business!

Ingredient Showcase

For Mood & Stress Support

  • Clinically shown to be efficacious in reducing a stress hormone, cortisol*
  • Clinically shown to improve overall mental well-being*
  • Clinically shown to be efficacious supporting mood
    and mental stress*

For Immune Support

  • Clinically proven to support rapid immune activation & response*
  • Clinically proven to support strong antioxidant activity*
  • Clinically proven to support healthy inflammatory response*
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For Sleep Support

  • Clinically shown to improve quality of deep sleep by up to 49%*
  • Clinically shown to increase length of sleep time by up to 30 minutes*
  • Natural alternative to synthetic Melatonin*

For Joint Health

  • Clinically proven to provide support as fast as 3 days*
  • Clinically shown to promote joint comfort within 5 days*
  • Clinically shown to support range of motion within 7 days*

Our Featured Presentations

Taking Sleep Concepts to a New Level: Restorative Sleep

Time: 11/02/22 @ 1:00PM, Supplier Presentation Theater, Booth #3677
Speaker: David Foreman, The Herbal Pharmacist®

David Foreman discusses sleep deficiency, cortisol connection, their impact on health, and novel botanical ingredient Maizinol™, a natural alternative to Melatonin for quality sleep. As a standardized corn leaf extract, Maizinol™ significantly increased deep sleep time and reduced stress hormone cortisol compared to placebo in a double blind human sleep study. Maizinol™ also improved sleep quality and enhanced mood based on self-reported questionnaires in the same clinical trial.

Symetrian™ for a Rapid Immune Response

Time: 11/02/22 @ 1:30PM, Supplier Presentation Theater, Booth #3677
Speaker: Dr. Mesfin Yimam, DVM, MS, Director, Pre-Clinical Research, Unigen, Inc.

Symetrian™, a composition of polysaccharide and polyphenol standardized extracts from Aloe, Poria, and Rosemary was evaluated in double-blind placebo controlled cross-over clinical study. Following single oral 500mg, Symetrian™ showed a) harmonized quick waves immune response; b) swift activation of immune cells; c) triggered highly selective cell-to-cell communication; and d) faster antioxidation activity suggesting rapid immune modulating for mucosal protection/enhanced immune surveillance, making Symetrian™ effective composition to support healthy immune systems.

Q&A About Unigen

Q. Please explain how your company addresses current market needs, and how you stand out from competitors?

A. Unigen is a natural product R&D institute. We focus on screening our collections of more than 10,000 medicinal plants based on pharmacological targets to select the best leads to develop into nutritional ingredients. We carry trademarked, patented and clinically proven ingredients with solid scientific substantiation that differentiates them from commodity ingredients. Unigen brings innovative and disruptive ingredient concepts and consumer benefits to nutritional businesses. Examples include Univestin®, one of few joint care ingredients with clinically substantiated claims for fast joint support felt less than 7 days. AmLexin® was the first joint care ingredient using the urinary CTX-II as biomarker to demonstrate joint cartilage protection. Maizinol™ is the only natural ingredient that serves as an alternative to melatonin with melatonin-receptor-binding activity for improved sleep quality and deep sleep time. Attenutin™ is the natural HMGB1 regulator for respiratory support.

Q. How has your company weathered supply chain, logistic and labor force concerns of the past few years?

A. The challenges currently impacting the supply chain are far beyond increased costs due to inflation and problems with trans-Pacific Ocean shipping. The COVID shutdowns in China not only slowed down production and transportation, but also caused huge problems selling finished products inside the country. To avoid ingredient supply shortages and delays, Unigen proactively purchased a larger inventory than normal in late 2021. That approach significantly reduced lead times for our partners, with main ingredients in stock in both the U.S. and Korea to address global needs.

Q. What industry trends will your company help to fuel in the next five to 10 years?

Unigen’s research capabilities include a focus on immune support and respiratory health for development of plant sourced raw ingredients from our proprietary PhytoLogix® library. We are also taking a nonhormonal approach to better sleep with recently launched corn leaf extract Maizinol™. To help address mental health for cognition, Unigen has a human clinical trial on Lasoperin™, a bioflavonoid-enriched composition, in both a healthy and affected populations. These new ingredients, with their innovative concepts, will be trendsetters in the industry for the next five to 10 years.

Q. What can visitors expect to see when they stop by your booth at SupplySide West/Food ingredients North America?

Unigen will promote its strong novel pipeline, including Symetrian™ for maintaining immune homeostasis, Attenutin™ for targeting HMGB1 for respiratory health, SerenZea™ for supporting mood and stress, and Maizinol™ for restorative sleep. Educational brochures, scientific presentations and examples of ingredients in formulated finished products will be presented. Unigen’s booth staff includes sales and marketing managers ready to answer product questions and Ph.D.s available to present the clinical data supporting our novel, patented and human clinically proven ingredients.

Meet the Team

Qi Jia

President & CEO

Rodney Storms

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Regan Miles

Vice Chairman

Brian Peotter

Director of Global Sales

Shannon Maver

Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Vishal Patel

Western Regional Sales Manager

Vijay InDukuri

Business Development Manager

Mesfin Yimam

Director of Pre-Clinical Research

Kathy Markham

Marketing Manager

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Reference: Health Canada Univestin MFN 16564-MF001 Results may vary