The PhytoLogix™ Advantage

PhytoLogix LogoPhytoLogix™ is a proprietary technology platform that includes Bioprospecting, Bioinformatics, High Throughput Purification and Structure Dereplication processes. A fully indexed research resource, PhytoLogix™ allows us to quickly search through tens of thousands of ethnomedicinal plants categorized by traditional and historic uses. From the obvious to the unusual, PhytoLogix™ is one of the world’s largest information sources for predictive discovery of ethnomedicinal plants.

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Unigen News Updates

New AmLexin™ data validates increased exercise recovery and reduced DOMS

Unigen’s next generation joint protection product AmLexin™ has been clinically proven to aggressively support exercise recovery and within 1 to 3 days reduce delayed onset of muscular soreness post-exercise in healthy adults.
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Health Canada Approves Fast Acting Health Claims for Univestin®

Unigen’s superior regulatory and science teams are adding value to Canadian market joint care brands with the announcement of Health Canada’s approval of 3 day and 5 day fast acting health claims for Univestin®, Unigen’s premier joint health ingredient.
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